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cars that I owned
Here's a list of the cars I have owned in the last 26 years.

1. 1964 Dodge Dart- paid $150 bucks for that car, had it for 8 months, rolled it
2. 1974 Toyota Corolla-$1200, this was my first real car, 1978 car was lowered with a loud exhaust
    and had an 8 track-AM-FM-and a cassette player with 16 speaker.
3. 1979 Special order Camaro Z28, CHP specs. I brought this car new for less than $7,000
4.  1967 VW Bug, brought for 100 bucks, built an 1835 motor, lowered, fast fun little car.
5. 1974 BMW 3.0 Bavaria, Changed the stock carbs to Thriple Webers, nice ride and fast
    auto trans. was the only drawback, sold it with a bad trans for more than I paid for it.
6.  1978 Yamaha RD 400,new $1600 This thing was a rocketship (no wonder why I got
    my drivers lic. taken away) twenty years old and had the bike + Camaro + BMW=
    14 tickets= no CDL
7.  1984 Toyota 4X4 P/U new,  5 1/2 inch suspinsion lift, roll bars and cage, 31's, (Why?)
8.   1985 Ford T-bird turbo coupe, new